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New Home Buyer Questions About — The Utilities

The availability of utilities, their location and cost will vary from subdivision to subdivision. You need to make yourself aware of the differences in available utility services.

  1. Where is the nearest fire hydrant?
    The nearer the fire hydrant, the better insurance rate you will have.

  2. Be sure and check out the utility bills.
    This will give you an idea of the monthly utility costs and also could indicate problems with heating and cooling.

  3. Flush all toilets and turn on showers and sinks.
    This should give you an indication of the type of water pressure you have and also if there are any apparent problems with the sewer or septic system.

  4. Where are the underground utilities located?
    The Survey Plat that usually accompanies the deed will locate the utility lines. If you are purchasing an older home the Real Estate Agent should be able to get you a copy of the plat. Otherwise if it was recorded with the deed to the house, it can be obtained from the register of deeds office. Use the call before you dig telephone number, which is provided by your local utilities.

  5. Where is the water cut-off valve located?
    Be sure to ask the owner of the house where the water cut-off valve is located.

  6. Where are the septic tank and field lines located?
    The survey plat should have that information. If not then there should be a site plan filed with the local government office responsible for septic system approval.