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New Home Buyer Questions About — The Subdivision Plat

Another item that is generally overlooked is the Subdivision Plat. The final plat is a recorded map, which contains information about your lot and the surrounding lots.

  1. Are there any easements on the lot?
    The Final Plat will indicate how many, where, and what kind of easements are on the lot.

  2. Is any of the lot in a flood plain?
    If there is a flood plain it will be shown on the plat. Most local governments have regulations controlling building in a flood plain and prohibit building in a flood way. Check with your local Planning Office for definitions of the flood plain and flood way.

  3. Where are the permeable soils for the septic tank system located?
    The final plat will have the permeable soils located and identified for each lot.

  4. Is the street in front of the house public or private?
    The final plat will indicate the ownership of the street and also will show the Right of Way width. In almost all cases the street will be owned by the city or county.

  5. Is the dead end street permanent or temporary?
    Some dead-end streets are temporary and will be extended in the future. The Final Plat will indicate the category of the dead end street (permanent or temporary).

  6. Obtain a copy of the Preliminary and the Final Plat for the Subdivision Lot you are purchasing.
    Be sure to get both plats. Both plats can be obtained from the local Planning Department. The Final Plat can also be obtained from the county register of deeds office.