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New Home Buyer Questions About — The House

The availability of utilities, their location and cost will vary from subdivision to subdivision. You need to make yourself aware of the differences in available utility services.

  1. What is the age of the HVAC, Water Heater, Kitchen Appliances, Roof, and Siding?
    Find out the age of the various systems in the house and ask about their condition. Be sure to test the heat and air and run the hot water (fill up a tub to see how much hot water is available).

  2. It is a good idea to have the house checked out by an independent inspector who works for you.

  3. If there is a chimney, check out when it was last cleaned.
    If it has not been cleaned since the last winter season require that it be cleaned before you close on the house.

  4. Be sure to check the house for any cracks in the foundation or the brick.
    Look for any sag in the roofline of porch roof. Also go in the attic and examine the roof beams for any cracked or broken supports.

  5. Find out if there is any lead paint or asbestos in the house.
    You would only need to do this in older homes. New homes should not have this problem.

  6. Be sure to check for trees and large bushes that may be undermining the foundation and the driveway.
    Also any vegetation that may be interfering with the sewer system (Public Sewer or Septic System).

  7. Is the area served by a publicly funded fire department or by a volunteer fire department?
    Your fire insurance rate may be better with a public fire department. If a volunteer fire department serves you they depend on donations to provide continued service.

  8. How is the garbage picked up?
    Is the house served by private haulers or a local governmental department. Cost may be different depending on where you will get your service. Public garbage pick up may be more responsive to your needs than a private carrier unless there is a lot of competition. There are also convenience centers for waste disposal near neighborhoods across Rutherford County.

Here’s a list of important things you should do:

Get a professional home inspection.
Qualified home inspectors routinely uncover problems with houses that you can’t see. The most common problems involve plumbing, cooling and heating systems, leaky roofs, kitchen appliances and cracked foundations.

Spring for extra inspections.
These include insects, radon, leaky underground tanks and bad well-water.

Get title insurance.
If you’re financing, you can’t close without it. It protects you from forgery, fraud, encumbrances, judgments and permit violations. You pay for insurance once only when you buy and the policy is good forever.

Visit the property during rush hour and on Friday or Saturday night.
It’s the only way to see what the next-door kids are like, how traffic is on the weekends, and how noisy it really gets around the neighbor’s pool.

Get a signed disclosure form from the seller or the broker representing the seller.
If they don’t disclose the defect, they’re subject to suit.

Do a final walk-through inspection.
Revisiting the property before closing ensures that it’s in the condition you required in your offer and that any stipulated repairs have been completed. Make the final walk-through no sooner than five days before you intend to close, and make sure the right to do so is included in your offer to purchase.