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Comp Plan Header

Guiding the Planning Process

A project Steering Committee has been appointed by the Rutherford County Commission to guide the planning process. The Steering Committee members are citizen advisors to the county planning staff, the PB planning team and others involved in the process. Steering Committee members who have agreed to serve are doing so in service to Rutherford County. They represent different areas of the county and differing viewpoints on the issues and opportunities Rutherford County faces. One important role of the Steering Committee is serving as a conduit for opinions and information between citizens and the planning team. Steering Committee members want to hear from you on the issues you believe are important. The Steering Committee members are:

1. Susan Allen
2. Jake Durham
3. Mark Lee
4. Clarence Brandon
5. Mayo Taylor
6. David Lee
7. Rosemary W. Owens
8. Blake Smith
9. David Waldron
10. Randall Matlock
11. Lynnisse Patrick
12. Mike Vaught
13. Jim Averwater
14. Ernie Johns
15. Wayne Blair

Committee members want to hear from you!