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Stakeholder Interviews

The planning team has completed an initial round of stakeholder interviews. Stakeholders are groups, organizations or individuals that represent various interests and perspectives. Early involvement by stakeholders alerts the planning team to issues, opportunities ad concerns important in Rutherford County. Interviews were conducted with:

1. City of Murfreesboro
2. City of LaVergne
3. City of Smyrna
4. Historical Interests (Historical Society, APTA, Heritage Partnership)
5. Rutherford County Farm Bureau
6. Association of Realtors
7. National Park Service
8. Williamson County
9. Rutherford County School Board
10. Homebuilders Association
11. City of Eagleville
12. Stones River Watershed Association
13. Rutherford Neighborhood Alliance
14. Chamber of Commerce

A wide variety of topics and issues were identified and explored. Topics discussed include economic development, growth management, community facilities, natural and historic resources, housing, transportation and infrastructure and parks, recreation and open space. Information obtained in the interviews has been summarized and is being used by the planning team.